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Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation offers many benefits to homeowners. A few are:
1. Energy savings
2. Mold and odor control
3. Better air quality
4. Increased home comfort

Energy Savings by Encapsulating The Crawl Space

A dirt crawlspace uses a lot more energy and cost a lot more money to both heat and cool.
If you have vents surrounding that crawlspace you are getting warm humid air in during the summer and cold unheated air in during the winter. Both of these affect the environment of your home. Plus if you have piping in your crawlspace which many homes do you run the risk of frozen pipes. It is estimated that in encapsulated crawl space will save you anywhere from 15% to 40% annually in energy costs. These costs are so significant that normal energy-saving procedures make almost no difference in less the crawlspace environment is controlled.

Mold and Odor Control through Crawlspace Encapsulation

Warm moist air in the summer enters your crawlspace either through the dirt floor or through the vents and condenses on surfaces. This condensation and moisture causes mold to grow along with creating odor issues. As most of the air in your home is taken from this area it actually detrimentally affects the air quality in your main living space. But as bad as this is it also increases damage to wood structure, piping, insulation as well as the foundation of your home. Insects such as termites and wood damaging ants target moisture infused wood more readily then dry timber. As air is sucked into the living area it carries both odors as well as mold spores possibly sickening the occupants within the home. Crawlspace encapsulation keeps the environment dry, clean, and maintains a healthy atmosphere which reduces or eliminates insect damage as well as mold growth.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Provides Air Quality Improvement

Stack effect is where air normally rises from the lower part of a home to the upper parts of the home. Air from the crawl space enters your home along with everything that it carries. This can be odors, moisture, mold spores, allergens etc. This is all driven by convection. The majority of your air in your home is coming from your basement or crawlspace and that is why controlling that environment is so critical to the air quality within the home. There have been many reported cases where basement and crawlspace encapsulation, moisture management, mold elimination have improved the health of the homeowners and their families.

Increased Home Comfort by Encapsulating The Crawlspace

Along with energy savings crawlspace encapsulation improves the overall comfort of the home. Because the basement or crawlspace area is now conditioned air there is no wide fluctuations in temperature or moisture levels. This allows greater efficiency of the heating and cooling systems within the home. This will also give you warm floors during the winter where typically they were very cold due to incoming air.

Systematic Cleaning and Restoration CorpCreate A Clean Crawlspace. along with its sister company A3 Superior Pest Control are uniquely suited to providing crawlspace remediation and encapsulation services. We can eliminate any mold or other allergens from the basement or crawlspace. Our sister company can eliminate any pest issues such as ants, mice or termites. We have the expertise to transform your crawl space so that you will see energy savings, increased storage area for items that are not often used, and definitely improve the overall air quality and comfortability of your home. This is much more than putting down a vapor barrier as this becomes a permanent part of your home. Let us show you how we can transform that dirty, dingy, smelly crawlspace (and the one here is not that bad!)into a thing of cleanliness and beauty. All estimates are free and we look forward to speaking with you.