Odor removal is a specialized process by which odor molecules are either masked, sorbed, paired, destroyed through disinfecting or sanitizing, or sealed as in encapsulation. At Systematic Cleaning and Restoration we are I ICRC certified in odor control. What this means to you as a consumer is that we’ve been trained on the latest best management practices for odor mitigation.

The nose is the only odor detection instrument.

There is an entire physiology of odor detection where the pure sensation of smell is paired with thoughts and memories impressed gins and suggestions so for each odor is unique. This is what makes odor removal so complex. In addition odor particles are very small in size in some cases as small as the molecular level this allows them to penetrate surfaces to a very large degree. This in turn makes it more difficult to remove certain types of odors from certain types of materials. Things that will exacerbate this are absorptive or poor services such as carpet or ceiling tiles, heavy residue and sufficient time for this odor penetration to occur, rapid thermal expansion of their (think of a fire with smoke) and then of course once that rapid thermal expansion has occurred the cooling and thus closing of those pores trapping the odor inside. Odors can come about through many issues. From areas that remain wet, grow mold and then put out VOC’s (affectionately known in the industry as mold farts), issues with dead organisms, fire, etc.

There are some basic principles that are taught for total odor removal. These are removal of the primary source. This would include things like getting rid of heavily contaminated items getting rid of char getting ready debris all things that are heavily contaminated with odor. Cleaning all surfaces exposed to the odor. If you do not remove the odor the odor will persist. Re-creation of the conditions of penetration with the proper odor counteractants. This would include increasing the temperature of an area that was exposed to fire and smoke and releasing an odor counteractant to penetrate into the areas previously inundated. And then of course you have sealing or coating using a nonporous compound to actually encapsulate these odors within a surface.

The options that are given for total odor removal are mainly dependent on the type and source of odor that are present. In all cases though it starts with source removal as often as possible. It doesn’t matter how many masking agents or deodorants air cleaners etc. that are employed if the dead deer in the front yard is not removed. So we always look for the source of the odor. In many cases determining how the odor came about(source, type), the length of time that it was present, and the materials that it is binding to will give us enough information to properly remove the odor. In some cases we will use several different methods to remove odors properly and completely. In fact it is a rare occurrence that odor removal employs one type of chemical or process that cures the issue. This is why it is so important to get a professional odor removal company. At Systematic we have the knowledge, experience, training and equipment to get your odor removal project done properly and with lasting results.