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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services


We follow NFPA #96 Standards and those Authorities Having Jurisdiction for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning. We are certified under FDNY for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in NYC and follow NFPA ¬†guidelines and those AHJ’s for all other areas. We are fully licensed and insured and carry E and O insurance.

We GUARANTEE your satisfaction. With every job we do we keep an eye on quality and your bottom line.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
Drain Cleaning
Pressure Jetting

Description of Services

Systematic Cleaning Services cleans four components of the kitchen exhaust system, including the exhaust fan, duct, plenum, and hood, to bear metal. We will clean every system in accordance with NFPA #96 standards. If this is not possible, we will provide information explaining why, and what needs to be done to bring the system into compliance.

Cleaning Methods

Systematic Cleaning Services Inc. will clean your kitchen exhaust system, including all hoods, ducts and fans, down to bare metal according your cleaning schedule for each location and cooking type. Depending upon the severity of the buildup in each system, there may be areas of carbonized grease buildup that will require additional attention. Systematic Cleaning Services Inc. uses a combination of mechanical (hot water pressure washing) and chemical methods to clean your kitchen exhaust system.

  • Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning & Inspection
  • Total system cleaning includes hoods, ducts, and fans
  • Systems cleaned in accordance with NFPA # 96 standards
  • All kitchens are wrapped in plastic to contain any overspray
  • All stainless shined for a clean look
  • Kitchens left clean after services
  • Compliance Inspection with Courtesy After Service Report
  • Certified technicians at the point of service
  • Dedicated crews
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