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Ice dams can cause immense damage to homes through water leakage when ice blocks the natural draining characteristics of the roof and pooling water and ice back up through the shingles and get through the membrane. Systematic can provide ice dam elimination through use of a medium pressure hot water/steam pressure washer. This will safely and gently eliminate ice dams before they can do major damage. We can provide a free price estimate and can  be there the same day in case of emergency or schedule service within 2-3 days for a non-emergency visit. If you cannot afford the service and need a quick yet temporary fix please see This Old House here. It is a temporary solution but will work in a pinch. Make sure to be careful using a ladder in the ice and snow. Conditions can be treacherous and its not worth your safety-better to call the pros. Ice dam elimination is a temporary fix. They typically form from either improper insulation in your attic area or in some cases freeze/thaw cycles due to heavy snow. Use of a common roof snow shovel and the removal of the last 4 feet of snow from the edges of roofs will help. There are also heating systems and cables that you can run along your roof edge and also the gutter system to keep water flowing off of your roof and prevent damage.

Ice dam formation.
How an ice dam forms.
Ice dam signs
Signs you are developing an ice dam.