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Upper image shows a severely kinked and blocke...
Upper image shows a severely kinked and blocked dryer transition hose used to vent a tumble dryer. In this case the dryer was located or pushed back too far against the wall. Lower image shows initial lint build-up in the flex transition hose. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


HVAC Air Duct Cleaning in your home or business clean, is the best way to keep the air in these areas clean and fresh as well as preserve your indoor environment. Every business or residential home should have this done from time to time, to cut down on things like dirt, lint, pet hair, bacteria, mold and the list can go on and on. By completing the cleaning process within air ducts and vents you can cut down on allergies that may affect certain people. Providing better air quality can make your indoor environment much better.

1. Using regular dryer vent cleaning can reduce fire risks. 

Proper cleaning done by professionals is the best way to reduce fire risks. Our staff technicians are trained and certified to provide proper cleaning of your dryer vents. We use the best equipment that is available for this purpose. The equipment consists of a line agitation unit to dislodge the materials, and industrial vacuuming to remove such things as dust, lint, hair and other debris that may be clogging your dryer vents. This will also save you money as your clothes will dry faster. This should be done every year

2. In very hot climates everyone uses there air conditioning units, and they want it to work to its best ability, by producing clean cool air. Sometimes the ac duct cleaning needs to be done professionally in order to provide this.

Grease duct cleaning in Greater Sudbury, Ontario

Our professional ac duct cleaning team are certified staff technicians that use HEPA vacuums and air agitation, to get your ac vents crystal clean and debris free.This is the main reason why you should choose Systematic Cleaning and Restoration.  Using our HVAC air duct cleaning services, will provide you with a better air quality and improve your basic health. Your ac unit will be much more efficient because of this very and your home will stay cleaner. Air duct vent and kitchen exhaust cleaning services are a necessary part of regular home and business maintenance.

We will give you an estimate on exactly what will be involved in cleaning your air ducts and vents. Our duct cleaning services are very affordable and we are available 24/7. If your looking into keeping your air ducts, vents and exhaust clean for better air quality it is always best to consult and call us for your professional duct cleaning service.

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