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We do a variety of junk removal and Estate and Home clean-outs and cleanups in NY, NJ and PA within 40 miles of 07827, Montague NJ. Whether its new construction final cleaning after construction, attic, basement or garage cleaning in fact- we do it all. In conjunction with our clean-out services we can also offer mold remediation, odor eradication or mitigation, pest control services through our affiliate A3 Superior Pest Control, and almost any other thing you may need when it comes to taking care of a recently inherited or a purchased home. In a lot of cases the foreclosure homes are in the worst shape and may need in addition to the above disinfection of certain areas to make the home of habitable. In addition we can also provide re-installation of attic or crawl space insulation, crawlspace encapsulation, as well as bio-remediation if these areas are hazard due to bacteria or viruses.

We are very happy to provide a bid on all home and estate clean-out services we provide showing exactly what we will do during the process of the clean out as well as following all guidelines as far as the disposal of items in the home. We’ve worked with real estate agents, private home buyers, contractors, as well as Pike County Habitat for Humanity which is a great organization. In fact we offer discounts for charitable organizations including churches and synagogues as well. For those older than 65, First Responder’s, Military families we provide a 10% discount for all services rendered.

We also provide clean-up prior to bed bug treatment. In a lot of cases if you have a lot of clutter or have a hoarder eradication of bed bugs is almost impossible. We can wrap and remove all items so the unit can be treated properly without spreading them to other units.