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Systematic Damage Repair Services

Systematic Cleaning and Restoration not only provides emergency damage restoration services but will also repair and restore the damage created by things such as water intrusion, wind damage, insect damage, dry rot, mold etc. What this means is that we can replace the wood floor, we can install new sheet rock and paint, we can replace those faulty windows, we can repair your roof. We are fully licensed and insured home-improvement contractor and we guarantee your satisfaction with all of our work. In many cases damage created by mold is caused by underlying faults in construction ventilation. In cases like these we can install additional vents, encapsulate crawlspaces and install dehumidification as well as sump pumps, create additional ventilation in attic spaces – all geared toward ensuring that the repairs are done one time and the underlying issue does not come back. We employ master carpenters, licensed electricians, and meet or exceed all building codes put forth by local municipalities. We can handle the entire project from start to finish including meeting with those authorities having jurisdiction as well as plan approval and follow-up inspection. We believe that damage restoration services don’t stop once the area is dry or the hole is temporarily sealed off. We work with you and with your insurance company to make sure that the damage is repaired and that the condition of your home is brought back to new or better prior to the catastrophe.

General Repair  and Maintenance Services in New Jersey

We also provide general repair services to northern New Jersey  We guarantee your satisfaction with our services. We are family-owned and operated and the boss is just a phone call away. Our employees are honest, background checked, drug tested, and trained to work with the general public to make sure that they are respectful. We know that you are letting us into your homes and that we will be around your family. We wouldn’t want anyone in your house that we wouldn’t let in our house. So if you’re looking for a company that can get the work done for you on time, within budget, and with the quality guarantee look no further than Systematic Cleaning and Restoration.

We also provide deck cleaning, staining and repair.

We can repaint trim around the home.

We provide home pressure washing services.

Roof cleaning services where it has become fouled with dirt or mold.

We can provide general drainage improvements.

Gutter and downspout repair and replacement

We offer discounts to both the first responders, senior citizens and emergency services personnel