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Hardyston Township NJ

Hardyston NJ Mold Remediation | Mold Removal



Systematic Cleaning and Restoration Corporation provides Mold removal and restoration services to Northern New Jersey in Hardyston Township. We are family-owned and operated, fully licensed and insured, IICRC certified, are up to date on the latest techniques, carry a large selection of the most modern and efficient equipment, can provide our own generation power, and are totally dedicated to our clients. Steps to ensure the safety of the occupants of the home or business is the MOST IMPORTANT step when it comes to Mold removal

Mold Cleanup in Hardyston

The ANCI/IICRC S520 is the standard for the removal of Mold from homes and businesses that are been contaminated by this organism. The specification is designed so that both remediation professionals, as well as homeowners, are preserved and kept safe during the remediation or mold removal process. It is put together by workers, scientists, indoor environmental professionals, industrial hygienists, trade associations and others, and provides the best management practices for handling micro-bacterial contamination. These standards are designed to protect the homeowner from not only the health effects of Mold but are also designed to ensure that the homeowner or business owner gets the project done properly and safely. Systematic Cleaning and Restoration Corp. is fully certified under the IICRC. We follow all procedures and protocols that are recommended by this body. Negative pressure is employed to make sure that mold spores do not end up in areas that they weren’t in prior to remediation. In addition, if the situation is deemed necessary we will call in an IEP (indoor environmental professional), that will write you a spec independent of our work. They work directly for you and will not only devise a plan but will also check to make sure that the plan was followed and that everything was done according to that specification. In most cases, it is not recommended that you use both a specifying company that is also the removal company. These two entities should remain separate so that there is no conflict of interest. In most cases, with extensive Mold we always recommend hiring a separate IEP or indoor environmental professional. In minor cases this may not be necessary but in cases where Mold contamination is widespread this is certainly the recommended practice.

The IICRC provides us with five major principles to make sure that Mold is remediated properly:
1. The most important of these is to make sure that the proper safety and health precautions are taken not only by the workers on job but also the occupants of that home. Homes or offices that have mold issues must be put under negative pressure and hygienic practices must be followed as per the IICRC
2. A post-cleanup assessment by an independent environmental expert (IEP). The primary step is determining the extent of contamination created by the Mold .To ensure that remediation work is being properly performed, it is highly recommended that appropriate documentation of the remediation process be kept by project management
3. Control of Mold before it spreads further. Eliminating Mold at the source of contamination is essential. Once Mold spores spread through the air, it will be much more difficult to capture.
4. Oversee the proper physical removal of the Mold. The Mold must be physically removed from the structure. Attempts to isolate Mold or remove signs of Mold on the surface are not adequate. Note that bleach alone cannot kill Mold.
5. Ensure that moisture is controlled to limit future contamination or re-contamination.

How to remove mold properly in Hardyston Township

In the Hardyston Township we find that moisture conditions are perfect to facilitate the growth of Mold. We seem to have an especially difficult time with homes that are used as vacation homes as well as those homes that have either improper drainage, crawlspaces, and or roof damage from the harsh winters. Unfortunately in New Jersey dwellings and businesses are infested with Mold growth that needs to be remediated properly, carefully, and scientifically. We follow all procedures based on the S520 standard that will holistically eliminate Mold from your home and in addition we can assist with creating an environment so that no further issues occur. In certain case there is required much more than just the removal of Mold but the repair of the condition that led to the growth of this bio toxin in the first place. The benefit with Systematic Cleaning and Restoration is that we can provide all of those services to you. We can handle all aspects of the job other than your IEP of course. In addition to specifying the removal of the Mold the IEP can also provide you with a specification for the steps that are required to prevent Mold from coming back.

Another benefit of using our company for your Mold remediation services is that being IICRC Certified means if there is an issue with any of our work, we provide you have with an independent body that will examine the complaint and make sure if anything was not done to code that it is remedied at no further cost. In addition, we are also “A” rated with the Better Business Bureau and are fully licensed and insured for Mold remediation services in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

We are IICRC certified, fully insured and properly trained in the best methods of Mold removal. Mold removal requires a certain set of tools, as well as proper training, to ensure the job is performed correctly. It is prudent to hire a company that is IICRC certified in Mold remediation. In most cases, containment has to be set up which creates a negative pressure around the areas of Mold growth so Mold spores and mycotoxins (fungal contaminants) do not escape into the general environment. We follow all proper health and safety protocols according to the S520 as well as OSHA standards so that the health and safety of our workers and the lives and property of our employers are all preserved .

Is a Mold Assessment important to the home or business owner in Hardyston Township?

Mold assessment is the process of collecting information about where the Mold might be in your home or office. Experts generally come in an look over the structure and determine where the Mold is hiding. This is generally done by laboratory testing as well as the use of specialized equipment. Sometimes the Mold is obvious and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you have to dig deep within a structure in order to find the problem. This is where an indoor environmental professional comes into play. They will do the testing and then formulate the clean-up process. There is a written specification for Mold removal, along with follow-up testing and Mold count parameters. Once the testing and the specification is done. then the Mold remediation starts. The removal of the Mold is necessary and beneficial for many reasons.

Some of the health effects from ongoing Mold exposure are:

Headache-(even possible brain damage)
Irritation of the throat
Coughing, Tightness of the chest, damage to the alveoli
Itching and swelling eyes (even permanent eye damage)
Runny nose

Exposure to Mold can even be more detrimental then that. There have been instances where Mold is actually responsible for the death of individuals with compromised immune systems, as well as brain damage and permanent lung damage.

Asthma is also another health issues linked to Mold exposure. It’s been proven in studies that Mold has major causative factor when it comes to asthma. This may be especially apparent in infants and young children. Infants and young kids tend to develop fungal Mold, which is also known as Penicillium. Each time a child becomes exposed they become more susceptible to the fungal Mold. The Penicillium will increase within the human body. About 20% for every year that the child is infected. For each increase in Penicillium and years infected there are different levels. They are as follows:

No Mold to low Mold
Low Mold to intermediate levels
Intermediate levels to high levels.

Now when it comes to the reaction for the Mold it can happen in a variety of ways, depending on how susceptible you are and how much you take in. When you are at a lower level you will have things such as a runny nose, swelling eyes and coughing. But if you are within extreme and severe categories you will have more prolonged and chronic illnesses to deal with. The longer you have the Mold, the more you put yourself at risk for illness or allergic response.

There are three things that Mold needs in order to grow: Nutrients, Moisture and Time.

It has been shown that Mold growth can occur in as little as 24 to 48 hours, given the right conditions, primarily centering around temperature. Unfortunately, it can feed on many substances including the backing of sheet rock, cardboard, wood, certain textiles, etc. etc. Mold removal is paramount to the health and safety of yourself and your loved ones. It is not something to take lightly. There can be VERY serious health consequences from a Mold infestation.

If you have any questions or suspect Mold growth in your home please do not hesitate to call us.

By choosing the right firm and getting the job done properly, you can beconfident that your health will be protected, the value of your home will be maintained. We humbly admit that Systematic Cleaning & Restoration Corporation is that firm.


If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate in calling us.
Often a house or building can become infested with mold after a water loss or disaster. When this occurs, it is very important to invest in a service that provides excellent mold removal and mold remediation so as to get the building environment back to a healthy state of existence. By investing in the right services, people are able to make sure that their home or office is safe and able to be lived or worked in without any issues occurring. Systematic Cleaning and Restoration is the IICRC firm you need to call. Call today!

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